Precast Manehole Cover

Precast concrete manholes are an integral component of any modern sewer system. A properly designed and installed precast concrete manhole system provides superior watertight performance compared with competing methods and materials. A typical precast concrete manhole can be installed 500 feet deep and more, because lateral forces act equally around the periphery, which places the section in pure compression – the ideal state for concrete. Precast concrete manhole sections are produced in a controlled environment, thus exhibiting high quality and uniformity.

Precast Drain Cover Slab

Precast RCC Cover slabs are used for electrical applications, storm water Drain and etc… as per customer requirements.

Precast Labour Shed

The Lakshmi Precast Inn Company is engaged in the production and distribution of superior quality of precast concrete products. We are the leading manufacturer of prefabricated RCC compound walls with different designs as well as industrial godowns, Labour quarters etc as per customer requirements. Brick walls, which have been traditional to India, are time consuming to erect and costly to keep standing. Our Precast Concrete Boundary Walls overcome these handicaps of traditional brick walls. Our Precast concrete boundary walls are fast and easy to construct and have a virtually unlimited life. These walls are low maintenance and do not deteriorate with time

Precast Tank Rings

We are offering 3 feet to 6 feet dia ring of wall 50 mm thickness.The ring is reinforced with 4 Nos. 8 mm dia TMT Bars. And it is Manufactured by using 53 grade of concrete with opc cement.

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